Gemstone Lights System

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Gemstone Lights is a certified innovative lighting solution for use on homes or businesses. This track system, combined with a proprietary controller and flights, gives the user the ultimate control.

Create patterns, animations, and colors using our cloud-enabled HUB and programmable smart app. Address each light individually for beautiful architectural patterns, or make your house shine multi-colors for any celebration.

Gemstone Lights Track

Gemstone Lights will enhance the look of your home with a customized track lighting system. With hundreds of colors to choose from, our tracks will blend into your existing fascia and soffit. Our low profile color-matched track will hide the lights during the day and bring them to life at night with perfect spacing.

Features of the Gemstone Lights System

Custom Architectural Lighting

Decorate your house with vibrant colors for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion. Choose any pattern of colors and make them run, chase or jump.  The options are nearly endless. 

Full Control

You decide what you want to display in whatever color you desire. Using the custom section of the app, simply choose the lights you want to turn on or off and show any RGBWW color scheme you want. 

The customizations are limitless!

16 million colors | Control from ANYWHERE (add apple or android icon) | Architectural Lighting Patterns | True Warm White | 50,000 + LED Hours | Download Pre-Built Patterns | Create Timers | CSA & ETL Certified


RGBWW LED (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White)

Creating a consistent warm white with RGB is not possible. To solve this problem Gemstone Lights added a dedicated 4th spectrum to our LEDs bringing a true 2800k warm white. Choose your desired tone, warm or cool its up to you. 

How to verify your lights have True Warm White (RGBWW vs RGB)

Look for a yellow-colored mark on the LED within the lamp. This mark is key to creating a constant warm white. Next, check the software or app. RGBWW requires 4 separate spectrums (red, green, blue, and white) that can be controlled individually with the app. If the slider only has RGB or the lamp does not have a yellow mark, then the lights do not contain true warm white.

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More Specifications

Surge Protection

Each lamp is individually protected with a surge protector in case of power surges or lightning strikes.

4 Channel Output

Built to receive 4 separate signals from the controller, one for each of our colors.

Intelligent Digital Port Data & Signal Reshaping Amplification Drive Circuit

Used to reliably repeat signals from lamp to lamp while allowing for large jumps.

Internal Oscillator & 12 V Programmable Constant Current Output Drive

Designed for constant power and even lighting.

UV Protected Lamps & Wiring

Used to protect the wiring and the lamp from yellowing and future UV damage. 

Connectors & Cables: Waterproof, All Climates and Temperatures 

Gemstone Lights lamps are individually connected for simple installation, repair, and replacement. Along with being UV protected our connections are compression fit and designed to achieve a watertight seal.  Our fittings have been proven to significantly improve the integrity of the connection and to last much longer than crimping or soldering.