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About Us2023-11-02T19:41:46-07:00

A Certified Holiday Lighting Company

Sterling Holiday Lights is here to help bring the cheer to your holiday season! As your home inspector experts at the Sterling Inspection Group, Inc., we climb roofs every day! We decided to add a service for our clients that is sure to brighten up the year!

Our light crew has been trained and certified by CLIPA and are ready to get hanging lights in Pierce and Thurston County. Just like inspections, we install lights for both residential and commercial properties, specializing in homes and roof lines.

As we roll into Fall and prepare for Winter, the weather can start to look gray and gloomy. Let us help brighten up your season with custom holiday lights!

Seasonal Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own holiday lights?2020-10-09T07:39:06-07:00

Yes, you love input from our clients!  We want you to love your holiday lights. You can choose between the lights we offer and whether you want to add in tree wrapping or wreath too!

When will my lights be installed?2020-10-09T07:39:20-07:00

We will contact you about a week before installation!  Depending on when you book with us, our goal is to get lights in by the beginning of December. Slots fill fast, so schedule early if you need lights sooner!

Do I need to be home during installation?2020-10-09T07:39:32-07:00

No, we can work on the outside without you present. We just will verify outlet access before hand and make any needed arrangements.

What if a light goes out?2020-10-09T07:39:46-07:00

We will replace lights or strands if they burn out for you!!  Give us a call and we will get right out there to get it taken care of.

Who removes my lights?2020-10-09T07:39:56-07:00

We do!!  January marks the beginning of light removal!  We will remove and store lights for use the next year if you choose!

Can I change the color of lights I choose next year?2020-10-09T07:40:10-07:00

Yes, we do color changes every year!!

Do you store the lights for me?2020-10-09T07:40:21-07:00

Yes! We store all the lights so you don’t have to!

Can I get a discount if my neighbor does lights too?2020-10-09T07:40:32-07:00

Yes, if you and your neighbor book together we will offer $50 off to each of you!

Can I gift lights to someone else?2020-10-09T07:40:45-07:00

Yes, we love gifting lights!  This is such a fun way to say thanks to a business referral partner!  Or perhaps a family member that you want to share the gift of lights with!  Just let us know we will throw in the card!

Do you offer lights all year?2020-10-09T07:40:55-07:00

Yes, we can do lights all year round. Just talk with our office team about what you are looking for!  Lights are a stunning way to show off your business all year round!

Do I own the lights?2021-09-30T20:07:26-07:00

All the lights are the property of Sterling Holiday Lights; we are responsible for maintaining them all season and year after year so you don’t have to.

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